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What is the difference between “sexual battery” and “battery”? The answer is “intent” and where on the body the touching takes place. However, the big difference is the penalty involved. Unlike, simple battery, where the court can impose a fine or jail, a “sexual battery” has the potential penalty of LIFETIME SEX REGISTRATION! This additional potential punishment is optional with the court, but once imposed sex registration can last a lifetime. This significant quirk in punishment for sexual battery rest with the overreaction by our state legislators. The registration requirement should be looked at, remember this is a misdemeanor and not a felony! Be aware of the consequences.

Author: Errol Stambler

Author: Errol Stambler

Errol Stambler’s nearly 30 years’ experience representing criminal defendants in state and federal courts – together with his expertise as a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist — enables him to craft a knowledgeable and compelling criminal defense for a wide variety of prosecutions, including white-collar crime, HUD fraud, drugs and narcotics, juvenile indictments, gang-related activities, tax evasion, and a myriad of other federal charges.

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