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Discovery Terms

Should you come within the criminal justice system, there are specific terms you need to know. Your attorney will receive police reports, laboratory reports, and

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About Judge Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh. The operative word is “Judge.” The only issue is not what he may have done years ago but his “temperament” as a judge.

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Plea Agreements

PLEA AGREEMENTS What are plea agreements? A plea agreement is like a contract between two parties. In consideration of the deal, the service or the

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Choose an attorney

How to choose an attorney Selection of an Attorney is one of the most important decisions that an accused will make. The attorney of choice

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Author: Errol Stambler

Author: Errol Stambler

Errol Stambler’s nearly 30 years’ experience representing criminal defendants in state and federal courts – together with his expertise as a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist — enables him to craft a knowledgeable and compelling criminal defense for a wide variety of prosecutions, including white-collar crime, HUD fraud, drugs and narcotics, juvenile indictments, gang-related activities, tax evasion, and a myriad of other federal charges.

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