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Drug Offenses

Aggressive Defense Services For Those Facing Drug Charges

The amount of resources devoted to investigating federal drug crimes in the Los Angeles area is staggering. Law enforcement officers are spending countless hours pursuing those individuals that they believe are responsible for the spread of illegal drugs in the region.

It is important to note that there are distinct differences between state and federal drug crimes. While California drug charges can carry strong penalties, they often pale in comparison to the sentences that are handed down at federal levels. Individuals convicted of federal crimes face very severe consequences, including the possibility of mandatory minimum prison sentences as well as significant fines.

At the Law Office of Errol H. Stambler, I have over 45 years of experience helping clients who have been charged with state or federal drug offenses. Whether negotiating a deal with prosecutors or representing you at trial, I have the experience you need when facing such serious charges.

I am a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist with the experience and resources to handle your case. Call my firm toll free at 877-237-7657 to arrange a consultation to discuss your legal defense needs.

Helping You Understand Your Options

The serious nature of these charges demands the skills of a seasoned attorney. My entire practice is focused on criminal defense, and I have traveled throughout the country to defend those accused of crimes. I handle a broad range of drug defense matters, primarily at the federal level, including those involving charges of:

  • Possession
  • Conspiracy to possess drugs
  • Conspiracy to distribute drugs
  • Distribution for sale
  • Possession for sale
  • Drug trafficking
  • Operating drug laboratories

Both state and federal drug crimes need to be taken seriously. Every charge will have an impact upon your future. Federal convictions can result in sentences anywhere from five to twenty years in prison depending on the offense and previous criminal record of the defendant. Those are harsh penalties, but your focus should not be on what can happen to you; your focus should rest with choosing an attorney who can achieve a favorable outcome for you.

You need to mount a vigorous defense to any and all drug allegations, as the consequences of a conviction can last for decades. As your lawyer, I am confident that I will be able to help you achieve a favorable outcome. My extensive experience handling drug cases at the state and federal level gives me great insight into the issues that will be most important in your case. You can trust that I will work tirelessly to put you in a position to achieve success.

Personalized Service For Your Drug Defense

I can represent you through all phases of the criminal defense process at both the federal and state levels, no matter what drug charges you may be facing. Please call me at 877-237-7657 or send me an email to schedule an appointment.

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