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Experienced Attorney Committed To Helping You Fight Federal Fraud Charges

Cases based on charges of white collar fraud can require months or years of investigation by federal prosecutors and agencies, focused on complex issues such as financial records and accounting information. They have the financial resources and government backing to cast a wide net. Unfortunately, this leaves many people who have little to no involvement facing serious federal charges.

If you have been charged with a federal fraud crime or believe you are under investigation, it is crucial to seek the advice of a criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience at the federal level. At the Law Office of Errol H. Stambler, I bring more than 45 years of experience to these often difficult cases. I have helped many clients in Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles area present a strong defense to allegations of white collar fraud.

Strong Record Of Success In Complex Federal Fraud Cases

I am a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist who has traveled throughout the United States representing individuals in federal criminal court prosecutions. I take a hands-on approach to these matters, representing my clients from the early stages of their defense all the way through federal sentencing. I am also available, if necessary, to handle any appeals or writs that result from the federal case.

I handle all aspects of white collar fraud, including cases involving:

  • Mortgage Fraud: Allegations concerning the disclosure of information on loan applications and other types of loan fraud. Charges concerning improper applications for mortgages, short sale fraud and other types of mortgage fraud. Incidents involving false appraisals
  • HUD fraud: issues connected to HUD fraud
  • Medicare fraud: Allegations facing health care professionals concerning and all other Medicare fraud cases
  • Investment Fraud
  • Bank Fraud: Cases related to bank fraud. Accusations of idetity theft, including the use of credit cards or credit card numbers belonging to others

Due to my decades of experience in this area of law, I have a thorough understanding of the best ways to approach these cases and how to interact with federal authorities and prosecutors who are seeking answers. I will guide you through all phases of your case to make sure you are not placing yourself at risk of self-incrimination or committing other actions that could damage your defense.

Your Advocate In Federal Criminal Defense

I am the experienced attorney that you can depend on for a detailed, aggressive defense. If you are facing any fraud charges, please call me at 877-237-7657 or send me an email to arrange a consultation.

Errol Stambler