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Choose an attorney

How to choose an attorney

Selection of an Attorney is one of the most important decisions that an accused will make. The attorney of choice will review all the documents of the charges against you, consult the criminal code and make a recommendation to you. Hopefully, the attorney’s judgment is correct!

To choose any attorney the first place to start is using the internet to find an attorney. That research should be into practices in the particular field that you are charged with, such as Medicare fraud, HUD fraud, Bank fraud, drugs and other criminal offenses. Do not plainly accept web sites alone they may be in fact, over representing the attorney abilities! The next step goes to the State Bar Web Site and sees if there have been any discipline findings against them. Then narrow down your choices and set up an interview with him/her. The most important aspect of selection is that you must feel confrontable with your choice of a criminal defense attorney. Moreover, one noted consideration are they a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the State Bar of California!

Author: Errol Stambler

Author: Errol Stambler

Errol Stambler’s nearly 30 years’ experience representing criminal defendants in state and federal courts – together with his expertise as a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist — enables him to craft a knowledgeable and compelling criminal defense for a wide variety of prosecutions, including white-collar crime, HUD fraud, drugs and narcotics, juvenile indictments, gang-related activities, tax evasion, and a myriad of other federal charges.

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